Pleasant Hill Consultants, Inc.

Phase I/Phase II Audits

Pleasant Hill would be pleased to offer the following services as a Phase I/Phase II audit meeting ASTM standards to assist in evaluating the environmental status of a property in question.

Records Review

  Available local records shall be reviewed to determine the historical usage of the site, including available building, zoning, planning, sewer and fire department records.

  A Federal and State records report and a search for existing Sanborn Insurance Maps shall be requested to help in assessing the site status.

Site Inspection

  A site inspection of the property shall be conducted to determine if there are any areas of visible contamination or potential for environmental hazards.

  Neighbors shall be interviewed, if possible, for potential information on prior use and site history.

  The National Priority List and the NJDEP shall be consulted to determine if the site or neighboring properties are listed.

  Pleasant Hill shall attempt to obtain documents providing information regarding the current or historical owners and tenants or those responsible for present or past operations on the site.

  The obvious use of hazardous substances and the potential generation of hazardous wastes etc. shall be determined.

Sampling and Analytical Services

  Multimedia samples representative of identified areas of concern shall be obtained and submitted to NJDEP certified laboratories for analysis in order to quantify levels of contaminants.

Report of Findings

  A written report shall be prepared detailing the findings and recommendations for further action, as appropriate.



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